"Flying-bird"- AI and New Technology Growth 2018

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Earlier this year Stanford University submitted a fascinating insight from AI index, a study focused on 100 Artificial Intelligence and Technology Growth. The index mainly concentrated on tracking the AI initiatives and how they had planned to influence the lives of people in making the informed decision.

The primary key elements found during the summit are as follows:
  • The number of active AI startups found since 2000 has increased at the rate of 14X.
  • A job that requires AI skills has scaled up to 4.5X since 2013.
  • The venture capitalists have pitched for investments in AI startup increased up to 6X since 2000.

A vision should always be there, and never giving up attitude should be maintained while self-analyzing.

Market Analysis:

Competitors are everywhere, so, to make the product reach the right customers apart from the heavy competition, the Market Analysis is very important.

  • Dynamic product survey technique is very much needed, which could determine the sustainability of the industry (Business plan).
  • Recent trends shouldn't be missed at any chance, which could also make the plan effective and extremely profitable, compared to the competitors.
  • Research should be done on the competitor's product's value as well and should focus on own product to reduce the amount by a certain percentage, so that, the business moves smoothly on a rotation. It attracts the customer!
Interestingly, there were 7 important AI technology growths in startups to watch out. This can change the trends in the world, which are listed below:
Cyber Defense:

The breach level index detected that there were 76% of the data were lost accidentally in 2017 and 69% of them were identity theft. That make 2 billion records were breached in 2017. Cyber defense is a supervised learning technology which is a combination of AI and ML. It is the process of behavioral analytics that has a sequence of inputs from neural networks. The AI algorithms used here can detect 85% of cyber-attacks and can stop malware and uncover suspicious activities.

Knowledge Worker Aid: l

We are all concerned about the fact that AI is replacing the workers in any typical environment. However, here is a proven technology that AI has a potential to help the employees in knowledge-based work such as hospitals, the legal profession, and share market. Now AI introduces platform with diagnosis and analysis tool where you need to be heavily reliant on critical thinking. This technique has no IT solution but wholly designed to improve the efficiency to process the vast amount of information.

Automated Marketing:

AI and New technology growth have advanced marketing industry, and there is a great investment of faith now. Marketing automation helps the companies to increase the engagement with users resulting in faster revenue. It is comparatively 55% higher than the impact created by social media which is no surprise. The AI super optimize your campaigns and manage multiple platforms in a pocket-friendly budget. The latest AI trend in marketing involves 480 daily adjustments made for 20 different demographic groups per ad.

Compliance Regulations:

Compliance is a certification or authorization offered for a person or an organization which meets the demands of legislation, regulations, standard contracts, accepted practices and other in-house rules to follow. AI here applies deep learning technology to uphold the significance of the industry. The compliance solution here focuses on comprehensive automation such as identifying keywords and customizing based on the company information provided. This technology also involves risk coverage with predictive analysis on compliance while scanning the patents, finding fraudulent and tracking volume of transactions.

Emotion Recognition:

Reading human emotions is now possible with AI new technology growth. The machine has an advanced algorithm to process images and audio. It even captures micro-expression, vocal intonation, and body language. This technique has led to wide application among the marketers. Based on linguistic analysis or video input, AI finds how excited or positive are people to use the product and know the feedback for real. Mainly, this application is popular with law enforcers, who can detect more information during the interrogations

Wrap Up:

The AI index of Stanford University concluded stating that we're essentially "flying blind" in our conversations and decision-making related to Artificial Intelligence.

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