Objective of Aringo

Our experience. Our intel. Your results. A dedicated partner to unlock your full potential providing MBA aspirants the opportunity to overcome their GMAT scores and gain admission into their dream MBA schools.



  • Constructing a platform to provide prospective MBA students the essential required information about consultancy services.
  • Creating a new site with a mission to provide personalized, innovative, best-in-class services for Resume Preparation, Essay Edits, Mock Tests, Interview prep to help students knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals.
  • To evaluate the MBA applicants potential, Define the problem, Validate a solution with the help of experts, and execute a game plan for their journey to their dream school.


  • Drafting a content strategy to attract and prioritize high quality MBA prospects.
  • Creating a design and content hierarchy that seamlessly adapts to different devices.
  • Constructing a strong CRM which manages the services, consultant profiles and results statistics.
  • Providing information about top admission program, admission process and free admission tool to prospective candidates.
  • Providing valuable insights on candidates MBA potential that helps them to overcome their weakness.

Step-by-Step Approach

  • Providing personal data mining services for resume preparation, essay editing, interview preparation etc for MBA applicants.
  • Multiple reviews on essay drafts by experts providing constructive suggestions for improvement.
  • Preparing recommendation draft with the help of experts.
  • Mock Interview Preparation: MBA candidates can practise MBA interviews with experts for guidelines and improvement.
  • MBA Candidates can connect with experts in real time using messaging app WhatsApp (Implemented with platform) to provide timely feedback and smart suggestions.

The Result

Aringo was launched on multiple devices and was used by different set of MBA aspirants to make professional MBA consulting services more precise in real world. It also provides the MBA aspirants ability to analyze consulting services and correlate their impact on Admission statistics.



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