Objective of Evrpresent

Giving a speech or presentation to an audience can be nerve-wracking. The best way to practise is with an audience. Forcing your family, friends or coworkers to endure five rounds of practice presentations becomes difficult. Evrpresent builds customized audience by adjusting venue, audience size, behaviors to fit your training needs.



  • To provide presenter a virtual environment to rehearse their presentation and develop the skills to deliver an outstanding speech.
  • To create an accurate environment by adjusting audience and venue to fit users training needs.
  • To provide an opportunity for the presenter to get honest feedback on their performance.


  • Simple Setup - All you need is a webcam, mic, and wi-fi to use Evrpresent. Invite and organize your audience into groups with just a few clicks.
  • Immersive Training - Reach your communication goals using simulated environment that mimic the real world. From the boardroom to big stage, Evrpresent will take you everywhere.
  • Wisdom from a distance - Evrpresent provides secure access to your rehearsals allowing you to provide written or recorded feedback instantly. Now you can conveniently monitor and manage the progress of your performance.

User Interface Design

Our design structure was a blend of the brand elements of evrpresent and usage of white space to make it easier for the users of varied age brackets to interact with the app.

Step-by-Step Approach

  • Create your project as Presenter
  • Send invitations to People (Presenter/ Collaborators)to build your audience to comment and watch your speech/video
  • Select your Audience- Number of Audience, Venue etc.
  • Start your Speech (Rehearse in front of webcam)
  • Monitor your Performance

The Result

Launch of unique Rehearsal Platform
With Whizcamp technical expertise, Evrpresent was able to offer a unique virtual audience & private personal coaching to their audience thus setting a new paradigm in personal learning.

Early Growth for EvrPresent
The evrpresent experience became an instant hit and acquired Fortune 500 companies using for internal programs.


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