Objective of Kaizen

KAIZEN ignites a 10-minute intelligent conversation every day, between the parent and the child. Such conversations stimulate logical reasoning, scientific temper and curiosity in young minds.



  • To leverage digital technology to provide wider exposure for young minds through the internet.
  • To create an interactive design for the students and parents to navigate young children on the track of meaningful discovery via the internet.
  • To conceptualize and correctly portray the ideology behind Kaizen micro lessons on digital print.


  • KAIZEN- Bring out the genius in your child!
  • A Team of graphic designers and content strategists developed the digital print collaterals for over 50,000 students. The challenge of portraying the correct ideology was solved by the strategist.
  • Customised mascot, fonts, images, colours were used to interact with the students and parents to deliver a digital print brochure for all the stakeholders.


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