Objective of Kerie

To bridge the communication gap between patients, doctors and caregivers. The fundamental objective of this health technology portal is to provide healthcare services to every patient anytime, anywhere.



  • To provide constant and multidisciplinary healthcare services beyond the traditional methods.
  • To create a portal that provides instant connectivity and empower patients and other health-care providers to collaborate—anytime, anywhere via video conferencing, voice communication and media share.
  • To provide an integrated platform of mobile health technology to monitor and treat post-discharge patient in accordance to their medical history and present condition.


The portal is customized to the patient’s requirement by their care coordination team and provides additional educational media, enhanced communication with doctors, and offers information on symptoms/condition(s) resulting in improved medical outcomes and overall health. This portal also provides direct access of a vast medical library of Care plans, advisory, Clinics, Pharmacies, caregivers and other healthcare providers to patient via the cloud. Deploying solutions from the cloud has improved the quality of remote consultations thus providing connectivity anytime, anywhere.



  • Offering Client/Patient management tools and Care Plan solutions for the post-hospital discharge and Home Health Market to address the rising costs of healthcare.
  • Connecting healthcare personals: Improve information transfer between healthcare providers, clinics with integrate patient alerts and medicine delivery system via e-prescribing integrated with DrFirst Rcopia.
  • Streamline communications: Seamlessly deploy collaboration across health care providers and patients via video conferencing, voice communication and media share anytime, anywhere.
  • Improved patient engagement: Interconnect effortlessly with patients and healthcare provider, which enable convenient follow-up and remote access to patient information.

The Result

A collaborative healthcare portals that holds the answer to anticipating and resolving the ongoing obstacles in our healthcare delivery system.

This technology delivered on mobiles and iPads are placed in the hands of healthcare providers and patients to ensure seamless communication with the mechanism of e-prescription, remote access of patient-data and follow-up in real-time.


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