aringo is distinct MBA admission consulting


Aringo is distinct MBA admission consulting with outstanding acceptance rates to the leading MBA programs worldwide. Its prudent counselling and extensive support throughout the admission process potentially increase the chances of seeking admissions to the premier B-schools. The highlight of their established admission records includes MBA institutes like Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, and INSEAD. They provide personal consulting with Profile Building sessions, Application Strategies, Essay writing guidance, proofreading, and MBA interview preparation to seek admission to the top-ranking institutes.

aringo is distinct MBA admission consulting

Objective of Aringo

Aringo believes in the potential of aspiring MBA candidates and offers extensive support to bring out their best. It provides counseling services right from appearing for the GMAT to seeking admission to their dream B-school.

Challenges/ Vitals

Whizcamp acknowledged the challenges faced by Aringo to guide candidates to land premier institutes.

  • To construct an interactive and updated platform, having detailed insights essential for MBA admissions and consulting services.
  • Build a website that offers personalized and effective consulting services that will help students achieve their academic goals through Resume Guidance, Essay formatting, Proofreading, Mock Tests, and Interview Preps.
  • Evaluate the potential of MBA applicants and analyze their problems. Offer solutions validated by experts and construct strategies to get admission to their desired MBA institute.
aringo is distinct MBA admission consulting

Our Product Discovery Process

The first step to understanding user needs starts with identifying if at all your product is needed, An Answer which we derive through the Product Discovery Process which majorly revolves around talking to the end users - the key to app development for startup success.

After we have validated the feasibility of your app idea, we rely on Google Design Sprint to understand your business and get an idea of what your consumers are looking for. This is the building block of our end-to-end custom software development for startups.

Issue Mapping

Day 1

Solution Sketching

Day 2

Hypothesis Testing

Day 3

High-fidelity Prototype

Day 4

Solution Testing

Day 5

aringo is distinct MBA admission consulting


Whizcamp’s solutions to these challenges involve:

  • Creating a content strategy to divert and prioritize top MBA prospects.
  • Functional layout and content hierarchy for seamless interaction adaptable to all devices.
  • Provide a well-built CRM to manage candidate profiles, success statistics, and support services.
  • Platform offering up to date info about top MBA programs, admission procedure, and free admission guidance tool for candidates.
  • Regular feedbacks based on candidate progress and insights to tackle their weak spots.

Successful Outcomes:

Aringo was tested on multiple devices and with MBA experts and aspirants to aid MBA consulting services to make their service more professional. Whizcamp’s services with Aringo offered MBA aspirants opportunities to identify suitable consulting services and their influence on Admission rate.

Result Oriented Approach

  • To provide MBA aspirants personal data mining services to guide them for resume preparation, essay writing, and interview prep.
  • Offer multiple essay reviews on drafts and practical suggestions for improvement from experts.
  • Create recommendation drafts under expert guidance.
  • Mock Interview Preparation: Practice face to face interviews with MBA admission experts and get improvement guidelines.
  • Extensive expert support with real-time messaging through WhatsApp (Implemented with platform) and quick feedback with smart suggestions.
aringo is distinct MBA admission consulting

Tech Stacks

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