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Omnichannel Retail & E-Commerce  services

Omnichannel Retail & E-Commerce services

Grow your business with a superior digital experience

The main reason behind the fostering of the retail and e-commerce industry is technology. Whizcamp thinks, plans, designs, and develops web and mobile applications and solutions that enhance efficiency and user management to spread business like never before. Much is implemented in the retail and e-commerce industry, such as 24*7 support, automation, online shopping, portals, faster response, etc. Just by following the technology, everything just goes smoothly. Besides, our prominent designers and developers provide our esteemed clients with e-commerce and retail app development solutions that look alluring and enhance user experience.

Our retail & eCommerce development team builds next-gen, feature-rich, and scalable eCommerce solutions to empower B2B & B2C businesses to reach customers and improve sales numbers effectively.

We ensure that our custom-built eCommerce software solutions stand out in the competitive landscape and deliver engaging digital experiences.

Moreover, we have assisted numerous of our clients because they have become capable of bestowing such experiences to their users.

We Offering

SkyRocket Your Startup with our E-Commerce & Retail Solutions

Online Store Development

Create an online shopping website for your startup; youneed a customized online store development to flourish your it online. At Whizcamp,our team is highly experienced in interpreting your requirements andaccordingly offers you an online store. We have a professional team ofdevelopers who work hard in driving Whizcamp to be one of the best eCommercestore development companies. With a team that understands e-commerce, we emergeas your trust partners. We not only assist startups in creating e-commercesolutions that provide them with a solid foundation, however also make surethat they run seamlessly through their evolution.

  • Integration of Emerging Technologies
  • Platform Selection
  • Shopping Experience Tools
  • Ecommerce Ads Management
  • Flexible Payment Options
Online Store Development
B2B & B2C Marketplace

B2B & B2C Marketplace

Every B2B & B2C organization has its own way of doingbusiness, and Whizcamp supports the unique digital transformation needs ofWholesalers, Manufacturers, and Procurement entities, even in complex businessenvironments. We develop powerful yet simple SaaS-based multi-vendor platformsto sell products and services with a stunning store-front. Our team helps youdevelop a platform that makes any product or service available for end-usersinstantly. We are experts in building a range of marketplace apps such asvertical and horizontal marketplace, eCommerce marketplace, B2B/B2C/C2Cmarketplace apps with basic and custom features depending upon your vision,business goals, and user needs.

  • Streamlined governance
  • Custom catalog segmentation
  • Tailored customer experience
  • Multi-vendor order management
  • Advanced payment solutions

Multi-Vendor Platforms

Whizcamp specializes in building a multi-vendormarketplace to add and keep track of sales seamlessly. Our multi-vendorthe marketplace software solution is developed considering startup-level objectivessuch as improving logistics, expediting across border expansion, reducingcosts, and streamlining operations with a suite of features.It offers complete control over the administration ofvendor relationships for successful marketplace projects. Our e-commercemulti-vendor marketplace solution provides features such as product management,analytics, order management, vendor panel, review/ratings, and more.

  • Sell products, services, downloads, orrentals, through one online store
  • Instantly increases your product offering
  • Control the vendors and marketplace through asingle dashboard
  • Own dashboard for dealing withorders and products
Multi-Vendor Platforms
Ecommerce Website & Mobile Apps

Ecommerce Website & Mobile Apps

Thinking of expanding your e-commerce business? Then, youneed to go online or on mobile! No matter what you sell, an efficient e-commerce app solution is what you need. It must be designed to ensure theoptimal functionality of your web store. Being a top-notch e-commerce websiteand mobile app development company, we have brought every possiblefunctionalized and customized e-commerce website and mobile apps that makepurchases more accessible than ever. Catchy design, powerful control panel, andsmooth operating are our main mottos.

We frame up your dream with our day-and-night dedicationsby making a fast and sophisticated e-commerce website and mobile app that helpsyou reach your products to the customers very first.

  • Simplified & Advanced Product-Lookup
  • Simplified Registration & Check Out
  • Trouble-free Flexible Payment
  • Real-Time Order Monitoring

Plug-ins & API Integration

Your data keeps multiplying as more systems you put inplace, and it's getting more and more difficult to get the most from it.Plug-ins and API integration services connect your systems and data so you canaccess additional functionality and get more value from your data. We've beendeveloping API integration solutions that secure systems and data to unifycommunications, increase data exchanges, and improve business intelligence forover a decade. Our expert API developers can modernize your legacy systems andturn them into highly flexible and independently deployable microservicesapplications to drive your business's growth.

  • QuickDevelopment and Iterations
  • Minimum Disruption and Future Proof
  • Micro services Consulting Services
  • Implementing API Development Services
Plug-ins & API Integration
Benefits Of Retail and E-Commerce

Benefits of our Retail and E-Commerce Solutions

Establish an Online Presence

Your clients expect you to be accessible and this presence permits you to keep up with the competition in high spirit. Otherwise, your target audience will be converging toward your competitors to make a purchase online.

Save on Operational Costs

Running & maintaining an e-commerce store can actually save you bucks. How? With a web-based management solution, you can automate your inventory management and lessen the costs linked with it.

Attract New Customers

As a startup owner, you want to bloom your business and attract new clientele. Physical retail mainly depends on branding and customer relationships; however, online retailing has the added advantage of driving traffic from various search engines.

Boost Brand Awareness

Ecommerce will assist your brand get more recognition in the online landscape. As you design more web pages, the search engines algorithms can index them higher by boosting your placement.

Better Understand Your Users

It's difficult to fabricate a user persona when you're running your parents' shop. You can get rough ideation of who your users are, but it's actually based on your perception rather than actual data.

Drive Conversions and Sales

With a well-designed, developed retail and e-commerce site and a quality product, you can drive your conversions and sales and encounter the next level of growth.

Why Choose us

Why Choose Whizcamp For Retail and E-Commerce?

Optimized Ecommerce Portal
Our team of expert e-commerce developers ensures that your e-commerce website is optimized properly. We have the necessary expertise to perform customization of your content management system (CMS). This will help in strengthening the back-end administration of your e-commerce portal and make it easier for visitors to browse your online store.
System Integration
It is of vital importance that your e-commerce portal connects pretty well with other crucial independent systems. Keeping note of this fact, Whizcamp, the leading e-commerce web development companies ensures proper integration of sole application systems such as ERP, CRM, Order Management System, inventory, and accounting system.
Customized Reporting Functionality
It is always important to check how well your e-commerce site is reporting. The customized report functionality our team adds to your website will help you judge your site performance, how much sales you are earning, which are the highest selling products, what is the abandon rate, conversions you are getting, and what is the order value for sales occurring on the site.
Payment Gateway Integration
E-commerce sites have to undertake online payments, and this becomes feasible when you have the correct payment gateway integrated into your startup website. This way, you can accept secure payments on your website and provide customers with a safe shopping experience.
Right Technology and Expertise
Whizcamp has all of the right expertise and technologies to help you create an eye catching retail and eCommerce solutions to sell your products online. Our team of designers will create the best design and technology choices for your company and help you in achieve the success you dreamt of.
Customize 24*7 Support
Our consultants are standing by to take your callanyday, anytime. For an initial no-obligation consultation, or if you just have some quick questions about our e-commerce management services you can reach out to us anytime. We will be happy to help you. Just visit our office ot give us a call to clear your doubts.

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Moving Labor
JCB Watling
Moving Labor

Our Performance their Appreciation words..!!

Client movinglabour

Brandon Scivolette

CEO MovingLabor

"Whizcamp is fantastic at UI/UX. What I liked most about him was that they had their own vision for how it should look, and that was something I was looking for. It's nice to have someone who is knowledgeable in their area of expertise that you can rely on and trust, as opposed to having to tell them exactly what you want. I am not a UI/UX guy, so it is hard to iterate what I am after. Fortunately, Jagdip and Whizcamp didn't need me to tell him."

Cliton walkar

Clinton Walker


"Whizcamp did an excellent job on the rebuilding our product. We will consider using them again in the future. I would recommend Whizcamp to anyone"

Brandon frisch

Brandon Frisch


"I am very satisfied with our engagement and would consider working together on future projects too. I appreciate their promptness, quality of work, IT expertise and would recommend their services. The wonderful team effort of Whizcamp helped me create new hopes for my industry."

Dr Karthik Govindan

Dr Karthik Govindan


"Jagdip Singh and his team is a very skilled software developer. They not only get the project done, but they made it sure that we were satisfied with every step of the process."

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