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Education & eLearning app development Solution

Education & eLearning app development Solution

We provide cutting-edge enterprise mobility solutions for education industry.

Besides turning education exciting and engaging, technology also offers methodologies to stakeholders for monitoring, teaching, and analyzing students, along with administrative tasks support for universities & schools. We at Whizcamp, as an education and eLearning software development company, blend in our technological abilities to offer comprehensive custom education & eLearning solutions to intensify and maintain the support systems of educational institutions. These educational IT solutions have been implemented by reputed and recognized technology-driven universities across the globe, leveraging the potential of the key focus areas through our eLearning app development solutions.

Whizcamp e-Learning product outsourcing services extensively benefit companies who develop e-learning software products like Learning Management Systems (LMS), Authoring tools, Virtual classrooms, Collaboration, Distance learning software systems, etc. Our services help our clients successfully face the challenge of releasing newer versions and simultaneously reducing the cost of development, enhancement, testing, and maintenance.

Services We Offer

Developing mobile apps for education sector that maximizes the output

E-Learning Portals

We employ the services of advanced digital technologies to enhance the quality of learning, improve engagement, and give a window for extra revenue prospects. Whizcamp precisely combines the professional and technological experience in the e-learning mobile application development segment to provide user-friendly mobile learning apps that aid students to get precise knowledge even without physical learning options. We are a pioneer eLearning portal development company, where we have developed and deployed diverse customized solutions for schools, colleges, universities, R&D wings of industries, corporate companies, and more.

  • Customized eLearning Portal development
  • Detailed research on requirements
  • Discussion on several use cases
  • Performance monitoring
E-Learning Portals
On-Demand E-Learning App

On-Demand E-Learning App

Being an e-learning app development company, we provide efficient eLearning app development solutions with advanced features. These interactive & engaging solutions help students to gain knowledge without going anywhere. At Whizcamp, we have a team of some fantastic and talented education app developers who work keenly on your project and develop it just like you imagined it to be. From understanding who the target audience is to figuring out their requirements and creating an app accordingly is what we have practiced.

  • Live Streaming
  • Non-restrictive learning
  • Group conferencing
  • Interactive training

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

An LMS gives training professionals everything they need to manage their entire training program from one secure, centralized environment. Our focus is to develop an atmosphere where education should be accessible to all without any interruptions. Our easy-to-use solutions will help you to gain access wherever you go. We will ensure to give the best content on every topic after contacting specialists in their particular fields. Our app engineers possess a decade of experience and expertise in developing, designing, and delivering successful mobile apps for clients across the globe. We are experts in

  • Fee Supervision
  • Tracking attendance
  • Comprehensive LMS Solution
  • Expert management
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
School Management Software

School Management Software

Whizcamp School Management Software offers you anytime, anywhere access, ensure smooth functioning of the academic process. Our customized software effectively manages your day-to-day administrative activity like working grades, student attendance, Exam & Result, Employee & Payroll, Fees & Account, Certificates, Front office, Transportation, Hostel, Library, Canteen, etc.

We offer you an integrated solution like integrated SMS, Mobile App, Biometric, Online Payment Gateway, Tally Integration, Barcode, Online Exam & much more, satisfying a need of complete school ERP for hassle-free school management. Whizcamp’s software’s powerful reporting & analysis tool makes your campus automated & paperless, ultimately saving time, resources & cost.

  • Management Dashboard
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Exam schedules and performance records
  • Class wise performance tracking

Video Conferencing and Streaming App

Whizcamp can work with you to develop a custom video conferencing and streaming app that delivers the information and message in your videos in a modern, engaging way that supports your brand. We can develop customized apps with live streaming, OTT video solutions, video on demand, eCommerce-related videos, and content with interactive elements. The apps built by the teams at Whizcamp are capable of streaming the highest-quality videos to laptops, desktop computers, and mobile devices alike. From launch, videos streamed via your new application will deliver an immersive UX and build your reputation, placing you ahead of the competition.

  • Offer the total number of videos you want
  • Satisfy the number of users able to watch videos simultaneously
  • Stream the videos at high resolution; without buffering
Video Conferencing and Streaming App
Benefits Of Education eLearning Apps

Our insightful mlearning solutions makes us the top mlearning app development company

Rapid Authoring

Using the latest rapid authoring tools, our rapid e-Learning development service enables the creation and deployment of interactive and meaningful learning experiences within the shortest timeframe.

Custom e-Learning

Our customized e-Learning development services include designing thorough training solutions from the ground up and also improve upon the preexisting training programs to meet dynamic learning needs.

Scalable learning process

Online learning is a scalable process. Any company can roll it out to as many numbers of employees as you need, and it is a one-time investment. The more learners take the course, the faster you can write off the expense.

E-learning offers personalization

Every learner has unique preferences and learning goals. Education and eLearning solutions make it possible to cater to the needs of the individual. It allows learners to select their learning path and navigate at their own typical pace.

Mobile Learning

With vast experience in implementing cost-efficient and innovative learning technology, we enable our clients to upgrade to mobile learning and make learning on the go, at any time and from anywhere, a viable reality.

Blended Learning

We assist in building a seamlessly blended learning framework for our customers, where information is dispatched via traditional classroom sessions along with interactive web-based training for maximum impact.

Education and eLearning

Why Choose Whizcamp for Education and eLearning App Development?

Increased productivity & code quality
With years of experience, Whizcamp has successfully established itself as the top-notch provider of education and eLearning services across all the possible sectors
Fast Engagement
We have a professional team of talented and skilled software developers who can handle complicated and time-consuming projects like an ace and deliver solutions at the earliest.
Dedicated Team Loyalty
Get top-rated software development services with a team of experienced developers. We understand your business model and offer solutions to meet project requirements.
Scaling Flexibility
We follow the agile model for software development to meet your business requirements and upskill the dedicated software development team as per demand.
We prioritize security aspects of e-learning solutions and ensure data protection, secure payments, thus making your solution protected against security threats.
User Friendly
Get a user-friendly service with the ability to include advanced eLearning features and specific topics according to requirements. Build a value for money solution that will generate maximum ROI.

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Brandon Scivolette

CEO MovingLabor

"Whizcamp is fantastic at UI/UX. What I liked most about him was that they had their own vision for how it should look, and that was something I was looking for. It's nice to have someone who is knowledgeable in their area of expertise that you can rely on and trust, as opposed to having to tell them exactly what you want. I am not a UI/UX guy, so it is hard to iterate what I am after. Fortunately, Jagdip and Whizcamp didn't need me to tell him."

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Clinton Walker


"Whizcamp did an excellent job on the rebuilding our product. We will consider using them again in the future. I would recommend Whizcamp to anyone"

Brandon frisch

Brandon Frisch


"I am very satisfied with our engagement and would consider working together on future projects too. I appreciate their promptness, quality of work, IT expertise and would recommend their services. The wonderful team effort of Whizcamp helped me create new hopes for my industry."

Dr Karthik Govindan

Dr Karthik Govindan


"Jagdip Singh and his team is a very skilled software developer. They not only get the project done, but they made it sure that we were satisfied with every step of the process."

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