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Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare and Wellness Solution

Create compelling and engaging digital front doors around health

The world is opening up to GenZ and millennials of digital health customers. The time is now for the latest opportunities in the digital era of healthcare as healthcare delivery is being disrupted across the value chain.

Whizcamp helps healthcare and wellness startups create high-quality doors of digitalization to manage costs through disease prevention, enrich and engage customers, etc. We also aim to tap into the insights for applications such as fraud and go-to-market strategies.

We employ our vast knowledge about the different range of healthcare products and activities, from diet to meditation, nutrition, beauty, and gratitude journaling, to aid businesses in market capitalization. We offer better benefits to the target audiences, such as lower stress levels, better mental state, reduced healthcare cost, enhanced personality, and higher productivity.

Our healthcare and wellness software development team, with extensive market knowledge and experience, ensures that you are served the most innovative, functional, and economical solutions.


Our Customer Focused Services

Hospital & Practice Management Solutions

It is an integrated hospital management system that helps healthcare institutions smoothly manage the workforce and achieve escalated healthcare analytics with proper revenue control. The hospital & practice management system software covers all the necessary services that simplify hospital workflow management. We understand the development and implementation of healthcare management systems assist the rapid transformation of care delivery and diverse payment systems. We help you with customized healthcare management solutions based on your individual needs. Our professional team programs startup solutions, which help in hospital management so that you don't have to worry.

  • Reduce errors in medical practice and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Billing services for cloud-based and web-based apps.
  • Manage appointments, looks up patient information etc
Hospital & Practice Management Solutions
EMR/EHR Integration Services

EMR/EHR Integration Services

Whizcamp is one of the leading software development companies in India that provide the best EMR/HER Integration Services. We are rendering EHR an EMR software development service to meet the needs of a vast network of healthcare providers. If you're the one looking forward to easy access to demographic information, clinical data, patient data, medical billing, and more, Whizcamp can be the solution to all your problems. EMR/EHR Integration Services offered by us is focused on making easy-to-use electronic health records for every individual. When it comes to developing and executing EHR and EMR systems, Whizcamp delivers the best startup solutions for electronic health or medical record systems.

  • Clinical workflow design and implementation
  • EMR integration solution planning
  • Project management services to manage all steps of the EMR integration process
  • EMR integration technical configuration

HIPAA-complaint Healthcare Software

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, released in 1996, to protect patient's health data in all forms by introducing essential rules and standards. Improve your healthcare & wellness business' automation with the power of a HIPAA-compliant low-code platform. Use our services to develop a custom healthcare management solution from scratch or use our set of pre-built applications. Build custom solutions with us that enable your healthcare organization to keep track of inventory, manage patients, drive projects, and many more things with our HIPAA-compliant low-code platform.

Whizcamp team lets you develop healthcare applications in a tenth of the time needed by traditional methods.

  • Authorized User Access
  • Integrity and Safeguarding
  • Individual Access Control
  • Periodic monitoring of user login logs.
HIPAA-complaint Healthcare Software
Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

We are a Digital Specialist with proficiency in digital fitness and wellness solutions that power boosts the business prospects and enhances app visibility. Underpinned by our proficient software development knowledge, we use the best techs to assist in developing, monetizing, and supporting your fitness solution. We have a talented and accomplished team to envision a perfect picture for wide-ranging fitness app development, including yoga and workout apps, gym apps, applications for tracking the physical activities worth installing and navigating.

  • Fast-track development
  • Integrate Back-End Systems
  • Safety, Security & Data Encryption
  • Support & Consulting
  • Reporting & Data Analysis

Healthcare Cloud Services

Our cloud-driven healthcare engineering focuses on today's pain points and tomorrow's solutions for healthcare organizations. Whizcamp skilled cloud experts develop advanced custom healthcare software products through sturdy domain capabilities and proper engineering support. Our team has proven skills in cloud-driven healthcare engineering and implementing your current systems to various cloud services like Microsoft Azure, and Google's compute platform, etc.

We help healthcare organizations to automate their cloud security frameworks and solutions for startups HIPAA compliance reporting. We believe in achieving daily continuous deployments on the cloud. Our team works for startups and small organizations to find the best enterprise technology solution to meet their needs.

  • Better chat management
  • Auto-updates to prospect status
  • Popups/message bar reminding about follow-ups
  • Better social media connection
Healthcare Cloud Services
Benefits Of Healthcare Apps

How Our Healthcare & Wellness Solution Is 2X Powerful?

Better Patient Outcomes

Increased convenience converts into better outcomes. Prescriptions are provided remotely so that patients avoid visiting clinics. No appointments are missed due to traffic or any other contingencies. Our healthcare solutions allow easy rescheduling so patients get the care they are really looking for.

Less Paperwork

As its era of digitalization, patient records are now saved in mobile systems, making healthcare & wellness services more efficient. Physical paperwork is a troublesome and time-consuming admin task. Now, with our advanced solutions, all the necessary information is just a tap away.

Fewer Readmissions

Since patients can avail the benefits of top-notch services remotely, so they do not have to leave their home comforts. This eventually decreases the total number of readmissions.

Lower Prices

As the number of patients visits and admissions in the medical centers goes down, so does the medical cost. Today, economical care is accessible to everyone on the go. Whizcamp experts are making it competitive so more patients can avail the benefits and the treatment they require.

Beating Competition

Hospitals and clinics that offer these on-demand healthcare services have clear benefits over offline competitors. They have an extensive reach and may seal a bigger market share. Developing healthcare apps is an investment guaranteed to pay off for medical facilities.


Such apps tend to deliver high ROI, as doctors might have a stable flow of remote patients. Hospitals and clinics do not have to increase their spending on infrastructure, equipment, machines, or staff. Eventually, this boosts the bottom line.

Health Web & App Development

Create An Interactive Digital Platform That Increases Dwell Time

Pre-eminent and competitive solutions
Our team aims to provide you with the pre-eminent and the most competitive solutions to improve medical and medical-related workflows. Our readymade healthcare solutions are designed to amplify the diagnostics treatments and organizing the data transfer among the different healthcare departments.
Data-Driven Decision Making
We assist healthcare providers in harnessing the power of the latest tech-based solutions to deeply understand their data and utilize it further for decision-making. With our solutions, professionals can swiftly make quick decisions to escalate patient care and various medical workflows.
Digitized Clinical Workflows
Using technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our professionals help various healthcare organizations to automatize their daily operations, including patient care, smarter billing, adaptive employee handling, and many others using real-time data. We believe in offering the best digitized clinical workflows
Remote Patient Monitoring
As a solution company, we believe in facilitating interactions between patients and medicinal service providers such as nurses, doctors, etc. This allows healthcare& wellness providers to track the complete health profile of a patient, managing or setting up the service rates, etc. Our team truly leverages technology in a way that makes patients feel comfortable.
Exceptional service with personal touch
With On Demand Healthcare, you get exceptional service with a more personal touch. We offer more time with your providers for less money. We believe that your healthcare team should spend plenty of time with you, getting to know your history and building trust. Our team offers the outstanding services at competitive prices
Cut down on the unnecessary cost and time
With Whizcamp, you can save resources and assured the right, qualified medical solutions. The agile software development team from Whizamp, with rich expertise in secure technology integration, will drive a fully functional product by eliminating the unnecessary a cost. We work hard to provide the final startup solutions before the deadline.

Do you have a We have a TEAM to get you there.

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Moving Labor
JCB Watling
Moving Labor

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Client movinglabour

Brandon Scivolette

CEO MovingLabor

"Whizcamp is fantastic at UI/UX. What I liked most about him was that they had their own vision for how it should look, and that was something I was looking for. It's nice to have someone who is knowledgeable in their area of expertise that you can rely on and trust, as opposed to having to tell them exactly what you want. I am not a UI/UX guy, so it is hard to iterate what I am after. Fortunately, Jagdip and Whizcamp didn't need me to tell him."

Cliton walkar

Clinton Walker


"Whizcamp did an excellent job on the rebuilding our product. We will consider using them again in the future. I would recommend Whizcamp to anyone"

Brandon frisch

Brandon Frisch


"I am very satisfied with our engagement and would consider working together on future projects too. I appreciate their promptness, quality of work, IT expertise and would recommend their services. The wonderful team effort of Whizcamp helped me create new hopes for my industry."

Dr Karthik Govindan

Dr Karthik Govindan


"Jagdip Singh and his team is a very skilled software developer. They not only get the project done, but they made it sure that we were satisfied with every step of the process."

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