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We at Whizcamp understand the significance of good design in digital success. Our people-first, appealing, and pleasant strategical designs address the needs of startups. We offer comprehensive UI/UX services in India that incorporate branding, mobile app design, responsive web design, promotional designs, and user experience consulting using advanced tools and technologies.

We create adaptive and responsive designs with uniform cross-platform compatibility with a unique blend of modern technologies and innovative approaches. With over years of experience in the design industry, Whizcamp is known for its hands-on experience and creative passion in all aspects of UI/UX. Our team of experts understands what it takes to build a reputed brand from a design perspective and deliver the same using modern tools and thinking. We help customers thrive by simplifying designs, which can make a lasting impact on the users' mind which in turn, increase brand awareness and loyalty.

Our Offerings

Your One Stop Destination For Mobile & Web UI/UX Services

UI/UX Design for iOS App

We craft intuitive, robust apps with Pixel's perfect designs. While designing, we use tools like Xcode or Sketch Constraints to create adaptive designs across the multiple screen size. Our designs follow the principles and architecture of HIG for iOS. Using the powerful capabilities of the Apple platform, we build apps that work seamlessly.

Our Best practices for Interaction and Engagement:
  • Intuitive Signifiers
  • Design Finger-Friendly Touch Targets
  • Practice one primary action per screen
  • Non-intrusive custom Interfaces
ui ux design iOS
ui ux design android app

UI/UX Design for Android App

Our Goal for a perfect design and better experience is to allow for a unified experience across device and platforms sizes. That is why our Apps are developed with Adaptive UI, as recommended by Google. With so many devices and screen sizes, maintaining uniformity is crucial. Android mobile applications developed at Whizcamp reassure users of a great experience, high performance, and quality of the build.

Our Best practices for Interaction and Engagement:
  • Build a Responsive UI with Constraint Layout
  • Designing Effective Navigation System
  • Devising well-designed notification windows outside App’s UI
  • Swiping is the New tapping
  • Do it all from One Place
  • Make Contents searchable within the App
  • Optimizing your content to be ranked high on Google search

Custom Web Application Design

If you are developing a custom application, it often makes sense to design a unique user experience and user interface to power the application.

Our team specializes in gathering requirements, scoping your application’s functionality, and then designing a user experience that can best drive performance for your users, clients, and customers.

Custom websites and applications require their own unique feel and look. Our custom UI/UX web application design services create cutting-edge user interfaces for your project.

  • Web branding services
  • Graphic design services
  • HTML and Interface Development
  • CMS theme
custom web application design
front end web development

Crafting Landing Page Design

Your landing pages play a crucial role in your marketing and advertising efforts. With professional landing page design services, you can maximize the impact of these pages. Drive your revenue upward, increase your sales, and boost your lead quality with custom landing page designs from Whizcamp. Our landing page design services deliver:

  • Professional landing page designs consistent with your brand
  • Concise, clear, and strong landing page design that entices visitors to convert
  • A thoroughly crafted landing page that expresses to the specific audience you are targeting, exceeds your expectations, and meets your needs.

AR experience design

We create design reality experiences for brands to tell stories about their services and products.

Using AR designs, we believe in creating some of the leading tech-savvy designs, helping startups with content and experience definition.

The technology powering augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) has become more accessible to brands and customers. Our team of designers, design reality strategists and creative technologists will help you realize its commercial potential. Whatever is your vision, we work to ensure your investment delivers value.

  • Simplifies complex problems/situations
  • Realistic scenarios
  • Can be done remotely, saving time and money
  • Improves retention and recall
ar experience design

Our UI/UX Design Process



Drawing insights that help us craft the right User Experience with clear differentiators from the competition. Once we are done with the research, we work on making strategies to create wireframes and prototypes that generally define the style guides, typography, icons, and other elements that go into the final designing stage.



In this phase, we finalize the business goals, the features, and details to be included, etc. We also try hard to understand your brand philosophy, tonality, and other intricate details that make your brand what it is. Our team makes sure the application or website we design can act as your brand extension.



The UI design service is the design phase. This is where, as a UI/UX design company, Whizcamp exhibits its creative strength. We begin with brainstorming and creating different sketches of the basic application or website design, including elements that are finalized from the strategy phase.


Develop & Iterate

The designers and the development team work parallel to code your application or website. The goal is to get your app or website to the end-users as rapidly as possible to collect feedback that can be incorporated in the iteration stage. Our team will include the necessary features and elements into the application or website



After designing, taking your approval, and creating resources for the various resolution and devices that need to be supported, the main focus is laid on fast shipping and let the rubber hit the road to receive valuable feedback from its end users. We also offer maintenance service after delivering the final solution to you.

Why Choose us?

What Makes Us Unique

Excellent User Experience

After all, this is what our designs are aimed at - providing the best-in-class user interface and user experience to our global customers.We make sure our valuable clients get the best of design services that revolve around users, simplicity, and usability.

Appealing Visuals

Our designers are adapt with advanced methods and technologies to create functional and innovative mobile and web applications. Aiding to future needs and enhancements, we offer appealing UI/UX visual solutions that can convert potential visitors to leading customers.

Customer satisfaction

We make certain that the end-users feel more satisfied and empowered while using efficient and flawless applications. We are capable of designing the most exciting apps offering world-class designs to provide the most desirable user experience to the end-user.

Immense Industry Expertise

Whizcamp has years of IT industry experience in diverse technologies is proof enough to showcase our successful span across the globe. Our team of experts knows where they started from and where we are today. This is all our hard work that paid off.


At Whizcamp, we have highly professional and experienced UI/UX designers who have in-depth knowledge of designing mobile and web apps that are highly functional. Our team ensures that the app will be designed within your budget.

Affordable and Timely

With close collaborations with startups and innovative ideas, our design solutions are timely, affordable, and effective to double your user base. We believe in on-time submissions, in which our team of designers and developers offers great support.

Creative designing team

Our experienced UI/UX designers use up-to-date technologies to design robust, unique, and stunning mobile and websites applications. We offer purposeful user experiences to the end-users that are crafted with mind-boggling designs that offer an experience to the end-user.

Product-specific design

We have a highly talented designing team to create interactive and fascinating UI/UX designs that create an ever-lasting impression on the end-users and target audience. We create product-specific applications for various screen types, platforms, and devices.


Mobile and Web UI/UX designs for all the niches

Food Delivery
Real Estate

Do you have a We have a TEAM to get you there.

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Hire our experienced UI designer and UX developer to develop the best User Experience and enhanced User Interface for your website. We promise our design experts to emphasize sleek design, easy navigation, and a smooth user experience. Our flexible, dedicated teams ensure a transparent and smooth development process and react promptly to business requirements. We believe in delivering benefits to our customers right from the start. We always consider to follow a strategic plan based on industry research to offer the optimum level of User experience to achieve the user’s final aim.

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Projects we helped our clients to achieve success

Marketo casestudy


Key Features
  • Easily Manage Orders & checkout Boost up in sale
  • Now you can Live Track the driver & check the status of order
  • You Can Add Multiple Brands & Can check which one is most profitable
  • With Return Request you can handle return products
Need & Goals
  • Flexible way to find the Order
  • Schedule order according to the path
  • Track exact Location with Live Tracking System
  • When they Dispatch the Last order then they automatically redirect to the next order
whizcamp kaizen casestudy


Key Features
  • Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy that insists that excellence can be achieved through small and continuous steps.
  • Offers fun-filled, engaging, bite-sized lessons to nurture the curiosity, reasoning and scientific temper in young minds.
  • Daily lessons are delivered straight to the WhatsApp Inbox and Mobile App
Need & Goals
  • To conceptualize and deliver the ideology behind Kaizen Microlessons on digital print.
  • To develop a hassle-free and clean interface that is interactive and easier to use
  • To design an application and solution that delivers meaningful learning experiences for children.

Technologies we Use


Need To Get Solution

WHIZCAMP will first offer "clarification of goals" and "suggestion of the path to goals" when consulting about web and app development

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JCB Watling
Moving Labor
JCB Watling
Moving Labor

Our Performance their Appreciation words..!!

Client movinglabour

Brandon Scivolette

CEO MovingLabor

"Whizcamp is fantastic at UI/UX. What I liked most about him was that they had their own vision for how it should look, and that was something I was looking for. It's nice to have someone who is knowledgeable in their area of expertise that you can rely on and trust, as opposed to having to tell them exactly what you want. I am not a UI/UX guy, so it is hard to iterate what I am after. Fortunately, Jagdip and Whizcamp didn't need me to tell him."

Cliton walkar

Clinton Walker


"Whizcamp did an excellent job on the rebuilding our product. We will consider using them again in the future. I would recommend Whizcamp to anyone"

Brandon frisch

Brandon Frisch


"I am very satisfied with our engagement and would consider working together on future projects too. I appreciate their promptness, quality of work, IT expertise and would recommend their services. The wonderful team effort of Whizcamp helped me create new hopes for my industry."

Dr Karthik Govindan

Dr Karthik Govindan


"Jagdip Singh and his team is a very skilled software developer. They not only get the project done, but they made it sure that we were satisfied with every step of the process."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is more important, UI or UX?

User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are considered to be the most confusing and misused terms in digital market. A UI without UX is similar to a painter slapping paint onto the canvas without thought, while UX without UI is just like the frame of the sculpture with no paper mache over it. A great product experience typically starts with UX, followed by UI. Both are essential for the product’s success.

What are your business models for designing services?

There are several business model examples to choose from, and the classic business model will vary for every company — depending on the industry you are into and the problem you are trying to solve for your clients. Some of the business models are more famous and work better for many industries. For example, Software as a Service (SaaS) companies mainly uses subscription and freemium business models.

Does your UI/UX design company provide Consulting Services?

Yes, we do provide consulting services. Our consultants are always available to help, begin with design research, ensure the app usability, and take the final app draft through the final stages of strict testing to make sure that all systems are checked before rolling out the app to customers. Contact us today at Whizcamp, and watch as we fortify your UI/UX concepts to turn your app into one of the best in the market.

What is the time duration needed to design applications?

It depends on the features and the amount of information you will be rendering to your users. Some apps require minimal design, while some require several elements on each screen or attribute (title, picture, date, author, e.t.c) to create a meaningful preview based on the type of content.

How much would a typical UI/UX design project cost?

The cost of UI/UX may seem an abstract notion. At some point, design is close to art. Therefore, it’s challenging to calculate the precise amount of time needed for its implementation. As a rule, a designer gives a preliminary assessment based on previous experience.

Why Choose Whizcamp As Your UI/UX design?

At Whizcamp, we work with rising startups and tech giants from different industries worldwide. We are a team of research and design experts with over years of experience in improving businesses and peoples’ lives through smart design solutions. Our team of designers believe in designing impactful digital results.

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